4 stücke Tisch Stuhl Bein Matte Fühlte Silikon weichen Fuß Caps Nicht-slip Stumm Schutz Pads Universal holz metall möbel zubehör

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Stichwörter: tischbeine schwarz metall, tischbeine metall vierkant, haarnadel tischbeine metall, alte tischbeine metall, tischbeine metal, design tischbeine metall, tischbeine metall verstellbar, tischbeine metall hairpin, tischbeine antik metall, klappbare tischbeine metall.

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  • role definition: The protection of the Angle
  • PVC: Soft rubber cover
  • table foot cover: Furniture Accessories
  • furniture leg plug: End Caps Insert
  • Foot cushion cover: Set of floor MATS
  • floor protector chair: furniture feet protectors
  • Soft pads: Soft shaped MATS
  • Art: -
  • decorative cover: furniture leveling feet
  • furniture hole plugs: plastic tube cover
  • furniture tool: neonychium
  • Transparent horn pad: Circular Angle pad
  • chair socks: plastic pipe caps plugs
  • Square round: Bottom Cover
  • square tube plug: Furniture Leg Pads
  • Ursprung: CN (Herkunft)
  • chair leg protector: plastic pipe plugs caps
  • Material: PVC
  • ist individuell: Ja
  • Square Angle pad: Fixed shape corner pad
  • Non-slip mat: Silent pad
  • Furniture decoration: Thicken